MODintelechy is forever seeking the next solution. We are committed to simplifying the complexities of modern marketing for an improved customer experience.

Web Design & Development

Our developers code, design, and compose strong SEO to create custom-built websites suited to the needs of your business. Each is developed for optimal website usability and is mobile-responsive with fast-loading content. Though we are skilled in development on a variety of platforms, we often build on WordPress for a backend user-friendly experience so you can input and update your own information without complication.

Search Engine Marketing

We determine how to best leverage organic search for paid search advertising on both web and social media platforms. Our team conducts competitive market-share analysis and keyword analysis and mapping to develop PPC campaigns which target your audience.

Custom Applications

We build each application program interface (API) to interact with different marketing technology and move data seamlessly from one system to another. Our applications extract data for campaign development, audience creation, or further analysis and allow you to consolidate and visualize your company’s content.

Social Media Management

We are well-versed in each social media platform. We create content to appeal to your audience and schedule it on an editorial calendar, tailored to your business, for optimal engagement.

We don’t just talk the talk.