Bucket List Events

Developed and optimized lead generation program for an international events-based travel provider.

The Story


Bucket List Events connects travelers with memorable experiences and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. In search of website and lead generation guidance and support, they partnered with MODintelechy to resolve site issues, refresh design assets, and establish custom marketing automation to build on their success.

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The Work


Our Bucket List Events partnership began at the end of Q1 2019 with development, creative, and account teams working simultaneously on website and processes audits. We reached an overall assessment that their implemented systems weren’t performing as they should—forcing the client to manually shoulder much of their marketing instead of allowing them to focus their efforts on other aspects of growth, namely sales.

We focused efforts on refining their data management and targeting processes which once in place, act as a strong foundation and drivers of true marketing automation. At this point, we developed lead generation tactics with newly designed landing page templates, identified contacts, added audience tags within the CRM for segmentation, and created nurture and re-engagement campaigns. These new messaging components included travel package landing pages, featuring a customized icon system as well as recommendations for content, keyword optimization, and SEO. After rolling out automation programs, we moved into PPC, implementing a new strategy to refocus targeting for greater conversion. As a result, we lowered their CPL by 16%, a spend which was—previous to our partnership—just over six times our optimized amount for almost half the number of contacts earned. These changes combined have effected mass positive change, as they recently had to double the accommodation for an event in 2020, already quickly reaching full occupancy.

"We love working with MODintelechy as a team. They help us focus on what we do best: offering our Bucket List travelers the absolute best experience, from connecting with us to booking and every other moment up to the event itself."

The Results


What was once a “set and forget” approach to lead generation and marketing automation is now both dynamic and strategic. Our efforts have effectively allowed the Bucket List team to refocus on their sales operations. They now have almost triple the consumers in the pipeline, with a trajectory to continue exceeding monthly projections and YoY revenue. We are continuing research for future campaigns to prepare for their next major once-in-a-lifetime experience

  • Exceeded Projected YoY Revenue by 36%
  • Established Marketing Automation System
  • Optimized Campaign CPL by 16%