The Grove

Cohesive messaging strategy and campaign development for an Austin mixed-use community

The Story


The Grove, one of Austin’s vibrant mixed-use communities, began work with MODintelechy to create a more centralized message and visual identity system to more effectively communicate their distinction within the Austin real estate market.

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The Work


The Grove is unique within the mixed-use category, its many offerings ranging from being rare, new construction in a historic area to expansive green space among retail and residences. Our creative and integrated marketing teams developed a campaign strategy which focused on clarifying existing messaging and incorporating the brand look and feel across multiple marketing vehicles to achieve improved recognition.

After thematic development, we carried the campaign into multiple channels including digital and print ads, publicity pieces for local news outlets, and a multi-launch, targeted direct mail program to increase awareness of both the community and specific product lines using trackable URLs for results monitoring. Moving further into the client funnel, our teams created email content and strategy to more deeply engage qualified leads in the path to conversion. We repeated this development to create a new campaign to suit the buying climate, with concern to proximity to other homes and benefits of mixed-use community living. Our teams created the “_____ Gathers Here” campaign to highlight the improved lifestyle residents can expect at The Grove, translating it into digital, video, and social placements for optimal engagement.

"I am continually impressed by the work of MODintelechy. Their attention to detail, problem-solving ability, and responsiveness to timely issues make them a great partner."

The Results


Everything in-market now reflects The Grove’s unified brand identity, for greater cross-channel campaign consistency and recognition. We remain partners with The Grove on the continued release of campaign materials and iterations.

  • Messaging Standardization
  • Consistent Campaign Branding
  • Increased Brand Awareness