Website redesign and automation strategy for leading hybrid cloud connectivity security company

The Story


Trustgrid—a locally-based company dedicated to simplifying the connection between cloud applications and on-premises systems—reached out to MODintelechy to reinvigorate their marketing approach. With a newly designed website and nurture program, their partnership with us has led to refocused targeting, streamlined content, the groundwork for increased engagement.

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The Work


Trustgrid’s suite of solutions allows health and financial institutions to connect their on-premises and cloud-databases to make information available across the organization, with the added value of diagnosing and detecting any issues. The task was to modify their website to best speak to this aim, featuring more in-depth content to appropriately position them as the thought leaders they are within the industry and narrow their quality leads.

To ensure any work created was future proof, we first established best practices across design, development, and automation efforts. Guided by their goal to attract and convert mid- to large-sized companies, we evaluated the existing website for functionality, UX design, and information hierarchy. This led to the removal of intermediate pages for improved content flow, as well as an added resources page and content library for deeper engagement. After reorganization, we refreshed the look and feel to promote a bolder and modernized brand visual using a newly developed palette and design system. The MODintelechy data team worked simultaneously to clean up the Trustgrid HubSpot instance, implementing naming conventions and folder structures, foundational for a functional automation system and simplified processes. Using the established content library, we created a logical distribution sequence for repurposed content and instituted prospect scoring to ensure relevant content and optimal for engagement.

"From initial creative meetings and brainstorming to final delivery, the MODintelechy team exceeded our expectations. We had an ambitious goal of making our highly technical product approachable and easy for prospects to navigate—delivered on time and budget."

The Results


Our partnership has proved successful with a 20% re-engagement rate in the nurture program, and overwhelmingly positive feedback on website appearance and usability. For more partnership stories, see our work with Bucketlist Events, Natiivo Austin, or Dell.

  • 20% Re-Engagement Rate
  • Elevated Brand Perception
  • Established Marketing Automation System