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At MODintelechy, there’s nothing usual about our business. We relentlessly pursue solutions outside of convention—using data and strategic thinking to drive creative. We are an agency of doers, movers, and shakers, and our core values are the catalyst for turning potential into reality:

Give a sh*t.

We work hard. And with a mindset that is focused on doing what it takes, we always see things through. Our team cares deeply about each step on the process—injecting collaboration and passion into every project from start to finish. We research, iterate, and execute to a world-class standard with deliverables that transcend the original “ask.” Those we work with are inspired by our ambition, empathy, and insatiable appetite for solving client problems.

Lead with data.

Our team is rational, pragmatic, and full of problem-solvers. We use data as the foundation for every decision we make—leading to objective thinking that openly challenges the status quo. Our curiosity for deeper truths is why you can trust us, because the data never lies.

Make an impact.

We are a team of proven gamechangers—creative, bold, with a constant inner-monologue to make things better than before. We’re humble and generous thought leaders, with an inquisitive POV and the desire to share what we learn. We are a group of individuals that reflect positivity, resilience, and authenticity for both our clients and the world around us. We show up fully, and we make a difference.

Enough about who we are. Take a look at what we do.