Common Website Design & User Experience Myths  

Written by Josh May / Blog

The internet has completely changed the way we think about business. It’s gone from an opportunity to the norm to a consistent deficiency for companies across all industries. As technology advances and more people spend their time browsing online, so do the expectations for brands to constantly evolve—no matter the size of their organization. So…

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Meet our Creative Director: From Inspiration to Go-To Karaoke Songs

Written by MODintelechy / Studio Culture

With two decades of creative experience under her belt, there’s not an industry our Creative Director, Joanna Brown, hasn’t impacted — nor a brief she hasn’t brought to life. Cutting her teeth with some big-time agencies led her to work with some big-time brands: J.P. Morgan, Chase, Unilever (Dove, Hellmann’s, Magnum) and Google to name…

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Scott Thomas

Make Martech Matter: Change the Human Software First

Written by Scott Thomas / Blog

The world is moving fast. Technology is moving even faster. And Arthur C Clarke wasn’t wrong when he famously proclaimed, “advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Indeed, today’s tech is nothing short of awesome. But as large enterprise brands search for growth hacks and increased efficiency through automation, we’d like to remind you that one…

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Growing Your Business With Marketing Automation

Written by Maria Orozova / Blog

What is the KEY to marketing automation? This is a question we get a lot… and while we’d love nothing more than to have THE answer, there is a lot more nuance to it than that. Our very own Scott Thomas recently addressed this topic in a webinar titled Turn Tire-Kickers Into Buyers With Marketing…

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We could go on, or take a work break.


MODcast Episode 5 – The Opposite is Always True: The Future of Venture Capital with Mike Millard

Written by MODintelechy / Podcast

In this episode, MODintelechy Co-Founder and CEO Scott Thomas speaks with Mike Millard, Operating Partner at Ecliptic Capital, about the exciting world of Venture Capital, disruptive innovation, and his trailblazing passion project – Pitch-a-Kid.

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Mastering Empathy, Inclusiveness, and Cultural Cognizance: 
Take-Aways from SXSW 2021

Written by Christina Sarich / Blog

As a creative, visionary, and bibliophile, this year’s South by Southwest Festival represented a curated stream-of-consciousness I could happily sink my teeth into. Although the in-person, multi-dimensional relationships that can be developed in a non-virtual SXSW experience were missed, the online presentations offered solid fodder for the curious, culturally cognizant denizen of an increasingly global…

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Recalibrating for 2021: Marketing Goals to Make an Impact

Written by Gayle Crawford / Blog

As a marketer, you know that without carefully crafted, quantifiable goals to meet the unique needs of your organization, you could waste time—and budget. Trying to rationalize your spending without clear thought to support achieving returns will leave you and your team spinning your wheels until they burn out. You know that you are working…

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Why Your Channel Program Needs PRM (Partner Relationship Management)

Written by Cal Cavness / Blog

What is Partner Relationship Management (PRM)? When seeking new and innovative opportunities for gaining traction in the marketplace, companies often establish channel partner programs. To create, manage, and maintain these channel partner relationships, partner relationship management (PRM) utilizes strategies and software that help companies execute new marketing ideas, reach new customers, and scale quickly. Creating…

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The Hidden Power of Creative

Written by Adrian Olvera / Blog

As a creative, I’m happy to say that, what was once an afterthought, is now considered critical for in-market success—design. Growth of online and mobile tools have enabled the consumer to seize control of the brand relationship, telling brands when, where, and how they want to engage. Because of this, more brands have realized the…

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MODcast Episode 4 – Selling the Vision: Achieving Internal Alignment for Embracing MarTech with Maxine Eiland

Written by moddeveloper / Podcast

MODintelechy Co-founder and CEO, Scott Thomas, spoke with Maxine Eiland, Sr. Director Digital Marketing and Web at SailPoint Technologies, on her insights on MarTech buy-in and the importance of data-informed strategy, experience as a female leader in the tech industry, and the cultural value of falcons in Abu Dhabi. MODcast Episode 4 – Selling the…

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