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About The John Rutledge House

We stumbled upon this charming structure back in 2019, when our team was outgrowing our (then) office and looking for a new place to spread our collective wings. The storied neighborhood’s tree-lined streets, turn-of-the-century homes, and residents with a penchant for creative pursuits gave us that warm feeling. That’s when we thought to ourselves, why not here? Once we stepped in to see the original moldings, carved motifs, and unmistakable history filling every square inch of the 125-year-old home, we went from why not to where do we sign? The famous Stubb’s BBQ sauce was founded on the third floor, after all.

Then came time for us to give it the MODintelechy touch.

We were intentional about maintaining the building’s character while making it our own. With opulent conference rooms, elegant kitchens, flexible workspaces, a hidden garden, a game room, a library, and a serene third floor loft with natural light—our new HQ was a canvas that our Pinterest brush couldn’t wait to paint. The space is abundant, and the design deftly reflects our culture. Artistic, modern, and distinguished—with a time-honored allure that sparks the stories we want to tell.

The John Rutledge House is a testament to the evolution of Guadalupe and Austin from the late 1800s to now—a living, breathing reminder of our city’s creative progress. Whether we’re clearing our inbox or designing sophisticated solutions for clients, we can feel the inspiration of our past in every room. Which is why we love inviting the Austin community to visit, collaborate, and help us shape the stories of our future.

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