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Your Growth Potential

We help turn your renewals strategy into a scalable growth engine—empowering you with retention, revenue, and results.

At MODintelechy, we understand the value of our partnership is built on a foundation that will exist long after our final deliverable.

We dig a little deeper. We obsess over the big picture. We embrace the long-term—enabling scalable growth by strategizing customer success, managing seamless adoption, and empowering teams with the technology needed to turn potential into reality.

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Where Transformation and Enablement Meet

Our offering is dependent upon the ask, and our identity transforms to fit the need. Within our ecosystem of capabilities, we're able to connect the dots needed to deliver fully-realized solutions—from transformation to enablement to the creative services that bring it all together.

Our Enablement Practice

Empowering You with Retention, Revenue, and Results.


Data Infrastructure

Establishing architecture and systems that enable the collection, storage, processing, and analysis of data from various sources within an organization—providing the basis for actionable insights.


Technology Solutions

Implementing tailored technology designed to address specific business challenges, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and drive overall growth through digital tools and platforms.


Automated Growth

Integrating automated processes and workflows that streamline and optimize various business operations—allowing for efficient scaling while reducing manual effort.


Audience Management

Leveraging our CDP expertise to provide comprehensive audience management solutions and strategies—ensuring your pipelines are transparent and actionable.

Sedera Health
Case Study

Increasing Sedera Health's Close Rate By 56%

With an inherent demand for their unique healthcare offering, Sedera needed a more sophisticated strategy for engaging with leads at different stages of their customer journey.

Case Study

A Unified Marketing Strategy For Akamai

Akamai needed help activating disparate, siloed data sources for a more comprehensive view of their customers—including a strategy to drive the change internally.

Case Study

Busting Silos: Streamlining Lenovo's Renewal Process

The goal was for disparate sales teams to work together to deliver flexible solutions to existing customers. We mapped out and executed an end-to-end solution—connecting the dots between the data, the people, and the opportunity.

Cookieless Future

The Cookieless Future: Forcing Marketing and Sales to Finally Work Together

For two departments that essentially work on the “same” process, you would think their relationship would be symbiotic. But for reasons that are soon to be moot, they speak a completely different language—even though who they communicate with are one in the same.

Expecting a CDP

What to Expect When You’re Expecting...a CDP

CDPs have the game-changing potential for most organizations—from connecting data sources and tracking engagement and unlocking customer journeys. But here’s the thing: Your return on investment is only as good as your preparation.

quotation marks
“For me, working with MOD is invaluable. They understand the bigger picture of what we needed as a business and strived to achieve our objectives through analysis and strategy. Thanks to their knowledge of our automation needs, along with their strategic team, we were able to successfully transition platforms and reach a new level of success in our nurture campaigns. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is struggling to fully automate their customer journey and measure success.”
Nikki Ramirez
Director Of Performance Marketing, Sedera Health
B2B & Digital Transformation

Rowing Together: How B2B Brands Can Embrace Digital Transformation

Waters get choppy, milestones become murky, and team members become siloed from the collective goals of the company. Here’s how you can row together.

Recurring Revenue

Recurring Revenue Blueprint

Download the blueprint to learn how our four-corner ecosystem empowers global B2B organizations with sustainable growth.


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