Our Process

Our Process


At the start of each project, we will meet with you to discuss your goals and objectives. Our team will learn about your current business, approach, clients and competition. During this discovery process, we gather and analyze information that will help us outline the steps and actions required to accomplish your vision.


The primary objective of this stage is to transform research into creative ideas and an actionable marketing strategy. We will build a Marketing Plan and Positioning Platform to direct the media, messaging and visual components of an integrated campaign.


This is where everything moves full speed ahead. We work with your team to execute the plans and ‘pay off’ the campaigns. Rather than blindly execute, we weigh A/B testing scenarios, pilot programs and introduce additional tactics or media as appropriate to deliver you the best results.


What impact have we made on the brand? Did we deliver effective ROI and meet joint objectives? What recommendations should we make for moving forward? Should we consider additional strategies and tactics? These are just a few of the questions that allow us to provide the proper success metrics on the program. We revisit this checklist at the completion of each phase to ensure that our solutions continue to align with the initial goals of the program and deliver serious results.