Dell CX Connect

The Story


CX Connect brought Dell’s marketing approach into the modern era by putting customers at the center of everything they do—allowing data, technology, marketing and sales to work in harmony.​ With this digital transformation came a seismic shift in the way Dell team members work together. New philosophies were born, new technologies were implemented, and new processes were established. But to become a truly customer-obsessed organization, they needed everyone pulling in the same direction.​ That’s where we came in.​

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The Work


Using Creative to Tell The Story ​

Using Dell’s brand guidelines, we constructed a visual identity for CX Connect that could be leveraged across the business units, functional teams, and internal programs within the organization—using color, stylized photography, unique identifiers, and bespoke graphics, we began breaking down and distinguishing each complexity of this initiative. Then, we took it one step further to ensure the creative lasts beyond the CX initiative—developing animated characters to represent each stakeholder group at the organization. This allowed us to visually convey the impact from a “people” perspective and provide consistency in how Dell communicates changes across initiatives.

Deconstructing The Technology​

Using visual simplifications to explain complex technologies, we introduced the platforms and integrations that would make CX Connect thrive. We then built out educational materials to effectively communicate to stakeholders how these new technologies impact their ability to reach the right customers with the right message—at scale. 

Bringing It Back to The People​

Once the program and it’s supporting technology was introduced, it was time to drill a layer deeper and provide stakeholder-specific materials around how CX Connect benefits them. We then helped conceptualize how all of these shifting roles and responsibilities are plugged into CX Connect—from the customer journey building process to the intricacies of each team member’s impact within it. 

"MODintelechy has always been a great partner to work with over the years. Whether it is building new campaigns, creating content for our customers or working through the complexities of our data, they are always there to support us."
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The Results


Once the program went live, the real impact began. Business goals transformed into business outcomes, as the Dell Global Marketing Team had a clear understanding of the technology and processes supporting their efforts—from automated leads and consolidated data to customer journeys and personalized content. A streamlined approach to a modernized marketing approach was officially born.

These 6 metrics are estimates.

  • 50% reduction in campaign launch times ​
  • 25% boost in lead velocity​
  • Business continuity of campaigns worth $1.2B ​