Lenovo Hardware Refresh

Innovation in Customer Growth and Renewal

The Story


With ~55 million client system serial numbers coming up for expiration in FY23, Lenovo needed a frictionless digital buying experience—including the people, process, and technology to power it. MODintelechy jumped in to help with B2B CX strategy, digital transformation, sales enablement, and GTM program development.

By partnering with Renewtrak’s renewal automation platform, we aimed to help Lenovo improve their Customer’s path to value—introducing a new hardware refresh sales motion, driving adoption, and generating recurring revenue streams.

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The Work


As a TSIA Consulting Alliance Partner with over 15 years’ experience in customer growth and renewal automation, we embedded ourselves as an extension of Lenovo’s team—from sales strategists and solutions architects to data engineers and a creative team ready to deliver an end-to-end program with speed, agility, and scale.


We dismantled the “maze” within Lenovo’s buying experience—exceeding Customer expectations by adding the refresh motion to a new, frictionless path to value. Using expiration as our opportunity trigger, we used automation to accommodate a renewal or refresh option while ensuring the internal Lenovo team responsible for delivering on Customer engagement were in lock step.

By introducing the hardware refresh motion, we empowered Lenovo to fundamentally establish an automated retention program. This enabled the continued support of an existing machine’s lifecycle, or a bridge to the new machine in the Customer’s install base.


Our team of production designers and technically proficient copywriters defined APOS visual identity guidelines for consistent branding across all touchpoints—including campaign theme, visuals, storyline and messaging to communicate clear value and gain executive sponsorship. Leveraging a single user interface powered by Renewtrak, we also designed and developed Channel and Customer facing notifications to alert relevant parties about upcoming expirations. And to cement adoption, we created internal and Channel-facing sales training through training modules, high level program overviews, battlecards, and more detailed user guides—all localized in 14 languages.

After sweeping through millions of rows of data, we built out robust technical documentation to enable Lenovo’s program well into the future—establishing complex rule sets to ensure accuracy in personalization and paving the way for program automation and scalability.

"MODintelechy has helped Lenovo achieve innovation, operational excellence, and optimized customer experiences. It is a pleasure to work with such a talented and dedicated team. Thank you!"

The Results


Lenovo has significantly accelerated revenue and met the evolving needs of their Customer base while also opening unprecedented opportunities for growth. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Executive sponsorship to continue building a streamlined ecosystem of technology, data, people, and programs in support of a recurring revenue stream, with Customer Experience at the center.
  • Post refresh/renewal capability introduced to channel community: adoption, activation, and deployment of notifications to End Customers increased by 4x
  • Scaled from a pilot to 22 countries in a single year
  • 150% of FY23 IDG Revenue Goal Met and Indirect IDG Revenue achieved a 200% year over year increase
  • Conversion rate increased 42% since the launch of program
  • 3,000 T2 Partners Onboarded to the Renewtrak Platform, activating a refresh/renewal program