Growth Gatherings: A Fireside Chat Series
Hosted by MODintelechy & (un)Common Logic

Welcome to Growth Gatherings! Our Fireside Chat Series is designed to bring top-notch thought leaders into a room and empower a small audience of professionals to soak up their knowledge, make meaningful connections and (maybe, just maybe) have a little fun. Are you ready to reserve your seat?

Topic 1:

Turning Roadblocks into Racetracks: Revving up Customer Acquisition in a Privacy-Centric World

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, you can barely utter the words ‘customer acquisition’ without being met with a regulatory roadblock. But what if we told you these same roadblocks could be leveraged as opportunities for growth?

We brought together some of the best in digital to share their insights, best practices, and success stories transforming regulatory constraints into competitive advantages.

Wednesday, February 28th
6-8:30 pm

HH with dinner by Suerte | 6-7 p.m.
Panel | 7-7:45 p.m.
Networking | 7:45-8:30 p.m.

5540 N. Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78751

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Turning Roadblocks into Racetracks: Key Topics to be Covered

Understanding the Regulatory Landscape

An overview of the current digital regulatory environment and its impact on customer acquisition.

Cookieless Adaptation Strategies

Exploring innovative approaches and technologies to effectively reach and engage potential customers without relying on third-party cookies.

Compliance as a Trust Enabler

Leveraging regulatory compliance, including anti-spam regulations, as a foundation to establish trust with customers, thereby facilitating customer growth.

Data Privacy and Customer Experience

Balancing data protection with customer acquisition strategies to ensure responsible data handling while enhancing client experience through personalization tactics.

Strategic Partnerships for Growth

Collaborating strategically with regulatory bodies, industry associations, and other stakeholders to create a conducive environment for business expansion.

Customer-Centric Innovation

Harnessing emerging technologies, including AI, and customer-centric approaches to overcome regulatory challenges and drive growth.

Success Stories and Best Practices

Real-world examples of businesses that have successfully turned regulatory roadblocks into racetracks for customer acquisition and retention.

The Panelists

Katie Baldwin
Meta logo

Katie Baldwin | Director of Agency Relationships, Meta

Katie has spent the last 20+ years working within the Agency community. Most recently, she led the North America Midsize Agency team driving the growth of the independent performance agencies with Meta. Her passion for digital marketing started after taking web design courses in college (ask about her Geocities site!) that parlayed into a career of working with advertisers to grow their business through digital channels. Katie spent 7 years at WPP leading AT&T, as well as several CPG and Technology accounts before moving to a tech start-up. She then joined Facebook New York in 2012 to help launch the Global Agency Team partnering closely with Omnicom. With a need for a deeper understanding of Brand Marketing, she oversaw a portfolio of Unilever Brands before moving down to Austin, Texas to connect back with her love of partnering with Agencies. Katie lives with her husband Todd, son James and twin daughters MJ and Sidney.

Hector Perez
Morgan Stanley logo

Hector Perez Jr. | Executive Director, Data Engagement & Analytics, Morgan Stanley

Hector is an accomplished leader specializing in Gen AI tech solutions, including LLMs, Annotation, Agent Orchestration, and long-term GenAI strategies for enterprise companies. He has proven expertise in developing and implementing CRM solutions to elevate client relationships and managing large-scale and has been recognized as a thought leader, successfully engaging strategic partners, defining vision, engineering IT solutions, and building high-performance teams. Hector is passionate about contributing to the community and founded a national non-profit focused on veterans.

Randi Charles

Randi Charles | Growth Marketing Leader & Consultant

Randi is a multi-channel marketing leader with over fifteen years of experience spanning performance, brand, conversion optimization and product. A passion for building high-performance teams and unlocking unique pathways to growth, she’s experienced in a variety of growth stages, categories, and business models. She leads full funnel marketing functions, encompassing brand, customer acquisition, CRO, retention, loyalty and CX. Randi currently serves as a fractional marketing leader to a variety of early stage companies in various industries including healthtech, audio advertising and pet care industries. Prior to this, Randi held marketing and product leadership roles at Ergatta, Talkspace, Blue Apron, and American Express.

Panel Moderator

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas
Founder, MODIntelechy

As Founder & Chief Experience Officer at MODintelechy, Scott has nearly 30 years of experience specializing in B2B lead generation and working with industry leaders the likes of AT&T, Bank of America, and Dell. Scott is a leader in executing go-to-market strategies, leads marketing and brand transformations, and implements in-market programs for national & global clients. He has shared his industry knowledge in publications such as Texas CEO Magazine and during speaking engagements including the Integrated Marketing Summit and the Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA). Scott is an active member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and an avid supporter of Austin's Habitat Young Professionals and The Rainforest Partnership. When out of the office, Scott loves watching Duke Basketball (his alma mater), planning his next adventure abroad, and spending time with his family.


Barbara Cavness

Barbara Cavness
CEO, (un)Common Logic

After eight years of client service experience in digital marketing and political consulting, Barbara became the CEO of (un)Common Logic in 2014 (when it was known as 360Partners). She has led the company as it has grown in size and service offerings as well as through the rebrand to (un)Common Logic in 2018 and the addition of a sister company, Unfair Advantage, in 2020. Through it all, she emphasizes the importance of using data to deliver ongoing value and results to businesses from IBM to Blue Apron and FlashParking to Edelbrock. While data is the foundation of Barbara’s business strategy, her true passions are building meaningful relationships with clients and developing people and teams. Fostering a culture of excellence, accountability, and transparency at (un)Common Logic has led to an 82% employee retention rate since 2020 and winning a Top Workplace in Austin award 10 times since 2013. Barbara has also been a mentor for the Young Women’s Alliance, focused on developing women for and promoting women in leadership. Outside of work, Barbara enjoys spending time with her family, adventuring in the sun, and reliving her Duke lacrosse glory days as a volunteer girl's lacrosse coach at the local high school.