Enabling Success: MarTech Consulting Services

A digital marketing agency based in Austin, Texas, MODintelechy is a team of developers, data analysts, strategists, and creatives moving towards a singular purpose—to combat indifference with ideas that resonate. Our integrated team strategically creates, deploys, and optimizes marketing programs that inspire and strengthen profitable relationships between our clients and their customers, delivering work that’s ownable and unforgettable. In addition to audience development, data augmentation, and data cleaning, MODintelechy MarTech services include consulting, strategy, and integration for CRM, CDP, ABM, and marketing automation program design. We effectively transform processes and drive conversion while creating better alignment of your sales and marketing teams. See what we’ve done and what we can do for you.

Leading Cloud Service Provider

An established company with one of the world's largest distributed computing platforms, responsible for serving between 15% and 30% of all web traffic, sought our expertise to orchestrate their digital marketing efforts. Find out what we helped them achieve.

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Ad Council

Our updated go-to-market strategy and marketing technology optimization worked to connect people, processes, and technology for the AdCouncil's continued growth. See how our recommendations led to lasting success.

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Our teams partnered with Dell on building an integrated and dynamic content strategy, resulting in a program deployment in 33 languages across 50 countries and more than an 840% YTD revenue increase. Learn more about our approach to personalizing the multi-channel experience.

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