Ad Council

Demand Generation and martech consulting for the nation’s leading purpose-driven marketing organization.

The Story


The Ad Council, creators of famed public service announcements the likes of Smokey the Bear and Love Has No Labels, asked MODintelechy to provide recommendations for their marketing technology and sales strategy to both improve their audience acquisition and system for measuring campaign success.

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The Work


Our team worked with Ad Council to shift sales priorities and develop a relationship model which more closely follows current demand generation methodologies. This potential strategy shift meant moving away from the traditional, outbound marketing standard towards content-driven, inbound marketing—proven to be a significantly more effective approach to generating donations and support. Making this transition requires extensive infrastructural software changes, down to the foundations of their CRM and internal systems. We divided our work into two phases of partnership to ensure scalable implementation of these changes and an overall sustainable solution.

In Phase One, we laid the necessary groundwork to achieve future successes. Our team conducted demand generation and martech assessments to assess the organization’s demand functions and offer insight for optimizing and re-engineering their internal processes. We found the client was underutilizing Salesforce and operating with multiple CRM systems. To help maximize their use of these existing systems, we modernized their data to make it useful for improved audience segmentation. In Phase Two, we will unify their multiple CRM and integrate event management, media planning tools, and contact management systems into one unified instance of Salesforce.

"We modernized their data to make it useful for improved audience segmentation"

The Results


Our updated go-to-market strategy and marketing technology optimization connected people, process, and technology to ensure continued organizational growth. We remain partnered with Ad Council on Phase Two implementation.

  • Created Martech Roadmap
  • Led to Opportunity Process Development
  • 500%+ Lead Increase