Sedera Health

User attribution, smarter lead scoring, and smarter communication across new and redeveloped lead funnel.

The Story


As a non-profit solution in the healthcare space, Sedera Health needed help capitalizing on early success in the marketplace. They began work with MODintelechy to build the CRM strategies, sales processes, and marketing automation needed to move into the accelerated growth stage of their company.

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The Work


With an inherent demand for their unique healthcare offering, Sedera needed a more sophisticated strategy for engaging with leads at different stages of their customer journey. Our creative and integrated marketing teams designed an intuitive, automated sales funnel—using data and technology to unlock scalable growth. With a holistic view of their marketing and sales process, we began iterating on optimization tactics within the funnel. Using a brand-new lead scoring model, Sedera was quickly able to organize their prospective customers into actionable categories.

Once this foundation was set, we created customized email nurture campaigns, landing pages, dynamic lead forms, and other marketing collateral planted at specific stages of the customer journey. A cloud-powered marketing platform was implemented to organize all of the data, and dashboards were built to better understand where customers were coming from. Lastly, we rebuilt their entire sales process to both complement and enhance their new, technology-driven approach.

"For me, working with MOD is invaluable. They understand the bigger picture of what we needed as a business and strived to achieve our objectives through analysis and strategy. Thanks to their knowledge of our automation needs, along with their strategic team, we were able to successfully transition platforms and reach a new level of success in our nurture campaigns. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is struggling to fully automate their customer journey and measure success."
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The Results


Smarter user attribution, smarter lead scoring, and smarter communication across their redeveloped lead funnel—resulting in a more cohesive relationship between sales, marketing, and technology.

  • Average days-to-first contact down 65%
  • Increased lead-to-close rate by 56%
  • Average days-to-enrollment went down 61%