Brand refresh and building an in-house creative agency

The Story


As a B2B software company, Epicor needed help recalibrating their marking approach to fit the modern age. With the Epicor creative team isolated in Monterey, Mexico, they needed to improve communication and efficiencies within their marketing workstreams. After an internal deep dive, MODintelechy was tasked with executing a brand refresh, surfacing opportunities for improvements, and building marketing processes that last.


The Work


MODintelechy started with research on the state of Epicor’s internal agency, identified pain points, and developed a plan to rebuild their creative team to fit the future of marketing. From there, we identified the problem was not the brand itself—it was the roles and processes that supported it. We sourced best in class and developed Epicor’s version of "the perfect team." We gathered in-depth interviews, identified key works, and ran deep a deep analysis on the model of the team to identify what would be needed to take it to the next level.

At the completion of the internal agency offering, we rolled our sleeves up and began moving the branding forward with an overall refresh. We delivered color palette studies, typography, improved custom photography, and cohesive brand guidelines to protect it all. This project was the catalyst for the company’s internal communications catalogue and marketing automation templates. Our goal was to differentiate Epicor from traditional B2B companies—in both its brand and how it operates.

"MODintelechy enabled Epicor to optimize the creative team in-house as well as drive the creative direction for our brand refresh in 2019. So many agencies lack the flexibility to help build internal creative teams but MOD was a true partner in helping us scale."
  • Epicor

The Results


A cohesive creative team with better alignment on roles and processes, a modern look and feel for the brand moving forward, and standardized email marketing collateral to reinforce the improvements.

  • Improved Efficacy: Aligned in-house creative team
  • Improved Efficiency: Ownership of their own IP
  • Improved Output: A modernized brand experience