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for B2B Creative

We strategize, design, and deliver the kind of creative that enables your sales strategies, achieves your growth goals, and empowers your organization.

Engaging, seamless and personalized content is the new normal for B2B, and your bottom line will prove it. Sure, the buying process might be longer—but that just means more opportunity to surprise and delight your audience with the right message at the right time.

From customer journey touchpoints and sales enablement materials to the internal programs that drive change within your organization—the world expects quality creative.

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Big Picture Creative for Big Picture Impact

We help you strategize your messaging, shape the identity of your program, and deliver content that drives alignment, clarity, and results across internal and external initiatives. No matter where you are in your content journey, we can hop in and deliver.

Our B2B Creative Practice

We craft unique program identities, effective messaging strategies, and internal branding to promote alignment and clarity across initiatives.


Messaging Strategy

A meticulously planned approach to conveying messages and information to target audiences—utilizing a mix of channels, content types, and timing to ensure consistent and impactful communication that aligns with business goals.


Program Identity

The distinct visual and conceptual representation of a specific initiative, project, or campaign—encompassing key elements such as logos, color schemes, typography, and overall design style to create a memorable and cohesive story for stakeholders.


Content Solutions

The strategic execution of strong, memorable experiences within a program, initiative or campaign—where audience-obsessed journeys take shape and touchpoints come to life.

Case Study

A Brand Within The Brand: Driving Change Within Dell

CX Connect brought Dell’s marketing approach into the modern era with new philosophies, new technologies, and new processes that needed to be formally communicated to a global team. That’s where we came in.

Case Study

Beyond The Need: Building A Visual Identity For SFE's Proposal Success

A one of the most innovative K-12 food service providers in the country, Southwest Foodservice Excellence turned to MODintelechy to uplevel their approach to proposals—but we like to think bigger.

Case Study

Selling The Vision: Amplifying APOS Services For Lenovo

Lenovo’s vision for APOS needed to be anchored to a singular story—including campaign theme, visuals, and messaging to communicate clear value and gain executive sponsorship. Storytelling in unique environments is our specialty.

Changing the B2B Game

Changing The B2B Game With Personalization

Personalization is already one of the buzziest terms in the industry, but it’s the data behind it that powers brands’ ability to understand what personalization looks like.

B2B Creative Revolution

The B2B Creative Revolution You're Likely Missing

No matter the context, people expect great creative—even if that person happens to work in B2B. Let’s dive into the why, how, and where we can go from here.

quotation marks
“MODintelechy has helped us to elevate our brand messaging and reach our clients in a more meaningful way. As true partners, they have listed to our industry challenges and opportunities and helped us to bring to life creative ways to reach our client partners through great visual assets, impactful written content and now through cutting edge technology solutions.”
Sara Murphy
VP Of Marketing & Communications, Southwest Foodservice Excellence
Customer Journey

Why You Should Embrace The Customer Journey

Instead of creating singular campaigns for catch-all audiences, focus on creating a holistic experience that moves the customer along the journey. Here’s how to get started.

Recurring Revenue

Recurring Revenue Blueprint

Download the blueprint to learn how our four-corner ecosystem empowers global B2B organizations with sustainable growth.


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