The Story


When we first met with Flex, they had an ambitious goal: Cement themselves as the top paid and organic result in their field. After some promotional pushes from competitively named companies and products, they had fallen in search rankings and needed a boost to regain their position. And since they were also shifting resources in preparation for new industries, they needed to reimagine their lead pipeline. Connecting the dots on two significant strategic shifts? A challenge we run towards.​ ​ ​

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The Work


Flex identified a series of key capabilities and industries in which it needed to build awareness—and ultimately drive leads. We worked with their team to refine appropriate search terms, curate an ever-growing list of negative keywords, and optimize messaging while maintaining their brand voice—all with an enhanced call to action. ​ In the awareness phase alone, this delivered 70%+ search share and moved Flex into the #1 paid positioning during the awareness phase. Once we turned our focus to conversion efficiency, we were able to target their highest priority audiences—increasing conversion rate by 16% , decreasing cost per conversion by 26%, and more than doubling their average daily budget.​


The Results


While regaining the #1 search result for their space was a welcomed boost during the awareness stage, Flex now has the tools and understanding to maintain that position. This sustainable solution comes with increased engagement across the board—from impressions and click-thru rate to an overall increase in demand from their target audience.​ ​ ​

  • 36% increase in high intent, targeted conversions​
  • 85.5% decrease in Cost-per-click​
  • Beat pipeline goal by 5x ​