The Story


An established company with one of the world's largest distributed computing platforms, responsible for serving between 15% and 30% of all web traffic, sought our expertise orchestrating their digital marketing efforts.

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The Work


The client sought MODintelechy’s expertise in activating disparate, siloed data sources for a more comprehensive customer profile. To allow their marketing teams to activate data most effectively, our team recommended implementing a customer data platform (CDP). A newer category in marketing technology, the benefits of having a CDP are seemingly endless. These range from audience management and measuring content affinity to enabling data enrichment for customer journey optimization and decreased marketing spend—all ideal for our client. In the first phase of our partnership, we educated teams and stakeholders on the end-to-end experience value of a CDP and helped them determine whether to buy or build in-house. This included a full vendor evaluation (RFP), inventory of tool use, a generated list of potential matches, recommendations, and developing a vetting process and vendor score sheet. As they provide services for 54% of the Fortune Global 500, our client needed a robust and secure software partner. Choosing to move forward with our recommendation, we worked on establishing a system of permissions and organizing management teams before coordinating system training. To do this effectively, we identified valuable use cases for the CDP and marketing smarter. For example, one team wanted to increase registration to their multi-city conference series. With the CDP, they can optimize content to reflect individual datasets (i.e., customer location, site interactions, sales contact, etc.), customize campaigns to existing and prospective audiences, and drive conversion. Now, as the lead agency consultant, we are providing recommendations for tailored implementation and their Beta phase for integration.

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The Results


With a foundation to build on, we are continuing to partner on developing more advanced use cases, prioritizing business goals, identifying means of processing future system integration, and determining what the CDP can accomplish in its early stages and moving forward.

  • Unified Data for Comprehensive Customer Profile
  • Created Use Cases to Solve Pain Points
  • Enabled Teams for Change Management