Bienville Capital Management

CRM consolidation and data strategy for New York-based investment firm.

The Story


Wanting to drive customer engagement, Bienville Capital reached out to MODintelechy for guidance and expertise in marketing automation—leading to a phased partnership with added data services to get them to where they wanted to be.

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The Work


As the client’s main goal was to establish marketing automation and build out their customer journey, we first conducted a thorough systems and processes evaluation. Once completed, we determined the best course of action would be to address some structural issues by connecting disparate customer data sources, allowing for a stronger foundation to support the complexities of Pardot’s automation needs.

Our data team worked tirelessly to consolidate multiple CRM systems and bring valuable customer data into a singular instance. During the analysis phase, we worked closely with internal teams to validate the data and ensure it was functioning for the client’s specific needs (e.g., searchable fund members and contributions). Following this intensive collaboration and equipped with consolidated customer data that could handle engagement tracking, our technology teams then moved forward into automation planning. Now operating on a new platform, we conducted audience segmentation and designed a messaging strategy to create more meaningful consumer-facing content. This stage including building out email templates and journey mapping, which effectively standardized the flow of information and increased engagement across audiences.

"We conducted audience segmentation and designed a messaging strategy to create more meaningful consumer-facing content."

The Results


This collaborative approach helped our client to adapt and adopt increased efficiency in their sales and marketing processes by better understanding their data. With greater alignment, we were able to guide cohesive thinking leading to simplified workflows, standardized internal language surrounding data, and architect a seamless CRM integration.

  • Established Marketing Automation System
  • Improved Internal Processes
  • Unified Data for Comprehensive Customer Profile