Dell Premier

Digital program development for B2B customer re-engagement

The Story


Dell asked MODIntelechy to build a program to increase conversions on quotes created within customers’ Premier accounts. Dell Premier allows businesses, via an online portal, to purchase and easily control system, software, and peripheral standards to help minimize costs (i.e. deployment, training, and support).

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The Work


We reviewed Dell Premier’s existing marketing communications to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers’ behavior, segmentation, and issues with online quote conversion. Based on our findings, we built a lead nurturing program to refresh and automate existing communications. Our program leveraged Eloqua and utilized custom data objects to deliver personalized emails that notified customers of their expiring quotes, including detailed information on how to purchase or resave their quote. This automation positioned Premier communications within Dell brand standards and was first released domestically followed by expansion to six additional countries: Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

"Our partnership with MODintelechy built one of Premier’s most profitable email campaigns while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing manual efforts to communicate with customers about expiring eQuotes."

The Results


MODintelechy’s efforts increased both customer engagement and online quote conversions.  We continue to maintain and optimize the program and are working on program launch in more countries. Looking to leverage your customer’s data to catapult your next marketing campaign? Learn how MODintelechy can be of service