SEO strategy, digital creative campaign, and CRM optimization for telehealth platform provider.

The Story


Leading telehealth provider, Medici, sought our marketing expertise to increase awareness and use of their essential service amid the unprecedented social, economic, and health implications of the global pandemic. Our partnership delivered.

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The Work


We first conducted a website audit to address and reflect the new normal of social distancing and the necessity for virtual healthcare. Taking on a mobile-first perspective, we redesigned the homepage to be more relevant, targeting medical providers to increase the use of the Medici app. We optimized the website copy, increased the video content, and introduced intuitive UI styling and functionality to focus the message and improve the user experience. Once we tested and refined page elements, the conversion rate significantly increased from 1.4% to 6.11%. Our development team built multiple web pages and created custom HTML modules to support overall functionality and improved user experience. This included a revenue calculator page and SEO optimized template with flexible modules allowing the client to create future landing pages for added long-term value. We also designed a new resources page with consolidated content to further position them as industry leaders and developed a pricing page with an interactive functionality highlighting individual plan features. We will be moving into A/B testing to engage higher quality leads in our next phase.  

A series of paid social campaigns addressing both patient and provider audiences drove further traffic to the Medici site, averaging a 32.86% lower ad cost conversion rate than the onset. Our team also audited the client HubSpot instance and has begun merging over 600 properties alongside the Medici team. We have automated workflows to assign leads to sales teams, run reports, keep data clean across multiple projects, and—using our lead scoring model—track lead status within the pipeline. To begin this refactoring, we conducted discovery sessions with the sales, marketing, and customer success teams, determining their software needs. Placing more emphasis on this preparation stage creates a standardized language and potentially saves significant company spending on their eventual Martech stack.

"MODintelechy proves their value every day, not by simply nodding and agreeing with us, but deeply listening, understanding, and where needed, challenge us to explore options beyond our initial considerations- with astounding results to show for it. Said simply, they are true partners who can help guide you along the way while also executing really well."

The Results


We worked closely within the client's standards of collaboration, building a relationship that empowered and aligned their sales and marketing teams, and exceeded original goals. Together, among other wins, we laid the groundwork for future nurture campaigns are conducting ongoing webpage testing and will soon move forward with lead attribution and Martech stack development.

  • Increased Conversion Rate to 6.11%
  • Cleaned CRM Data
  • Developed a Lead Scoring Model