Tech stack optimization for global data-enabled solutions provider

The Story


CoreLogic—a global property information, analytics, and data-enabled solutions provider—initially came to MODintelechy because they knew their tech stack needed some optimization help, but didn’t know where to start or how to approach it. Over the years, with each new business acquired, Corelogic obtained new data and software systems with their own marketing technologies. Complexities were compounding, and fresh eyes were needed. Until our agency came in, nobody had audited their inventory and tech from a holistic perspective—causing inefficiencies, wasted dollars, and operational bottlenecks.  

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The Work


To start, MODintelechy conducted a deep audit—digging into everything from expiration dates, system functions and overlaps to documentation, stakeholder sentiments and internal training. We then developed recommendations for organization, consolidation, optimization—and what to remove all together—throughout the entirety of CoreLogic’s tech stack.  

At the completion of the tech audit, CoreLogic decided to re-engage the momentum MODintelechy created with work surrounding site migration, CRM integration, new playbooks, and the creation of a dashboard that universally connected all the dots. Ultimately, the goal was to design a closed loop system that ran with efficiency.

"The MODintelechy team was a true partner during my time at CoreLogic. We had a long list of ambitious goals and the talented team at MOD helped us scale our efforts in marketing automation and campaign architecture. I can’t wait to work with them again!"

The Results


A closed loop opportunity sync with a lead scoring model that both sales and marketing were aligned on. Eloqua to WP form integration, creation of a bespoke campaign library tool and naming convention, and setup of GTM and GA. Foundations of a dashboard template for visibility into all systems.  

  • 421,000 records purged
  • 3 new forms created with progressive profiling for the new website
  • $90k YoY saved