Lenovo Commercial Sales Outreach

The Story


As we dove into the discovery phase with Lenovo, we started by conducting several interviews with stakeholders to better understand their sales process. The goal was for APOS Reps and Account Executives to work together to deliver flexible solutions to existing customers—from hardware refreshes to renewals on their warranties. 

The client had a clear path to value, but the manual effort it took to build a clear business case for Account Executives that own the customer relationship was creating friction. 

Lenovo needed a streamlined approach to connecting the dots between the data, the people, and the opportunity.

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The Work


Leveraging Automation ​

After understanding Lenovo's unique business context, we designed and coded a modular template for their recurring revenue platform. Suddenly, sales teams were empowered with the flexibility to perform more revenue generating activities—such as engaging with customers.

Understanding the Data ​

We leveraged multiple siloed data sources to transform data into actionable insights to empower a data-driven sales force. Enabling repeatable insights from the data allowed the team to uncover new recurring revenue opportunities for Renewal and Upsell.

Selling With Creative​

Once our data strategy had been formulated, we moved onto the collateral that needed to sell the opportunity. We knew engaging content was imperative for this program to truly thrive, and leveraged our in-house creative team to design, copywrite, and build the emails Account Executives would be receiving within the program—enabling a simple kickoff to a revenue-growing conversation.


The Results


Within 6 weeks, we automated the entire process from the sales force point of view—grabbing the necessary data and creating an outbound email engine that leverages an already existing platform to improve the relationship and efficiency between APOS Reps and Account Executives—resulting in an exponential lift in revenue.

The success of the initiative led to a decision to quickly expand the program globally—scaling to more than 20 countries while also adding a second sales motion.

  • Increased response rate from 5% to 75%​
  • 20,800 rep hours saved in manual work and outreach​
  • 7x revenue increase from this sales motion YoY​