Web optimization and marketing consulting for identity management firm

The Story


SailPoint, the leading identity and access management provider, reached out to MODintelechy to improve their overall website efficiency and achieve higher conversion goals.

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The Work


Our work began with identifying and prioritizing SailPoint’s web optimization needs. After assessing paid and organic search efforts—including keyword and competitive analysis—we developed a strategy for improving their organic search rankings. Using Google Analytics, we determined gaps and successes among low-and high-performing web pages and conducted iterative testing to achieve a better conversion rate. This influenced our high-level SEO and paid search content strategy, which sought to increase search engine rankings, CTR from search engines, and conversion rate upon site arrival. To make information more readily accessible on their site, we restructured their online resource library, organizing collateral by topic. We also introduced a sticky pop-up element using dynamic JavaScript and CSS to decrease site abandonment and increase demo requests on every web page. Other strategic content modifications improved AdWords program performance and utilized dedicated PPC landing pages to increase their relevancy score. Our creative team supported these efforts, with copy optimization (e.g., relevant keywords and phrases,  clarified calls-to-action, and information architecture updates) and UX/UI design improvements for their blog and landing pages for a more direct route to content. We also refreshed the homepage web design to better reflect the brand’s forward-thinking approach. This included creating a suite of elements—radial bursts, bright gradients, and refined patterns—to speak to their positivity and focus on the customer experience. Our teams included these new design elements in the next phase, homepage personalization testing. Targeting healthcare professionals, we created dynamic web headers, dependent on the user’s buying stage. Each header displayed the refreshed branding as well as strategic messaging and content to increase user engagement whether in the awareness, consideration, decision, or purchase stage.

"We restructured the resource library to organize collateral by topic and relevancy to make information more readily accessible and searchable on the website."

The Results


We continue to analyze site data and identify opportunities for further optimization to increase conversion and overall user experience.

  • Increased Organic Conversion Rate
  • Improved AdWords Quality Score
  • Optimized User Experience