Dell Consumer Renewals

Automated global warranty renewal program

The Story


Lead generation for Dell’s existing consumer warranty program required new gusto due to a lack of marketing, data, and sales alignment. MODIntelechy's data-driven approach utilized the data logic and dynamic content strategy from our Commercial WEN program to successfully identify and effectively communicate to the core audience.

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The Work


Dell’s US Consumer APOS team approached us about adapting the long-running and successful Commercial program, to expand to their Consumer Warranty Renewal Notification efforts. We addressed these key pain-points: Low notification volumes relative to total customers with expiring hardware. MODIntelechy investigated customer personas, hardware use, and warranty data to build an automated notification program. Lack of transparency for customer warranty data and legal gaps for audience targeting. With enhanced data logic, we captured an overarching view of consumer warranty renewal opportunities and leveraged previously approved legal emails to create outreach templates.

Our discovery and data logic led to a program pilot, and our current program was enhanced to weave the consumer warranty renewal audience data into the live automated version that runs today.

"MODintelechy has allowed us to reach new levels of success in our global customer renewals business. With their partnership, we have been able to successfully integrate and align marketing and sales motions by leveraging custom data logic and migrating marketing automation platforms—creating an end-to-end customer renewals notification strategy that not only drives leads into our renewals pipeline, but tracks and provides our sales teams with invaluable reporting and business intelligence. Together, we have transformed the workplace by reducing manual efforts globally, refining our data extraction and targeting processes, and executing on data-driven strategies to drive consistent annual revenue growth."

The Results


Our data-driven, deep-dive pilot blossomed into a live automated program, with scalable infrastructure in place to drive a successful global initiative, and resulted in 48x ROI.

  • Warranty Opportunity Increase Over 270%
  • Inbound Phone Volume Increase Over 290%
  • Warranty Revenue Increase Over 320%