Fire Up Your Renewals Engine: Driving Customer Growth, Sales Enablement, and Recurring Revenue

Maybe you own revenue growth for your organization. Maybe you’re looking to earn more from your existing customers. Or maybe (just maybe) you have all the people, data, and technology you need—but are you ready to bring them together in the name of optimization? Of course you are.


At MODintelechy, we transform siloed data and systems into a connected ecosystem that identifies opportunities and revitalizes your renewals program. Our ability to map, build, and deploy personalized customer journeys has been proven to drive retention, growth, and recurring revenue—helping some of the top global brands unlock their digital potential.


Optimize your growth strategy with a renewals engine that drives meaningful, automated, and profitable conversations. See how our strategy has worked for other companies in our case studies below.


Case Study

EIS Award Winner 2020

The Head of APOS and Renewals needed a global solution for identifying warranty expirations within their Sales Teams’ funnel. With the sheer volume of siloed data available, it would take an automated program to synthesize the opportunities into a repeatable renewals process and support a timely sales motion. We rolled our sleeves up and went fully digital, determining 120 content combinations based on audience segmentation in 47 different countries—delivering a proactive, automated notification program that drives annual recurring revenue.

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As demand in the industry shifts and customers become less willing to make large purchases, renewing your existing customer base has never been more important. What does this mean, exactly? Sales teams are shifting their focus toward the Expand and Renew motions of the LAER (Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew) lifecycle to meet aggressive revenue goals. And with this increased focus, organizations are looking for new ways to increase productivity, conversion, and upsell rates.

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“MODintelechy has always been a great partner to work with over the years. Whether it is building new campaigns, creating content for our customers or working through the complexities of our data, they are always there to support us.”


The Key to Unlocking Long-Tail Renewals

Here’s the secret: Inbound marketing and sales is what solves the long-tail opportunity. What do we mean by “long-tail?” The renewal opportunities that cannot be handled directly by sales or customer success—typically higher in volume and lower in value. Inbound enables the model and overall process of becoming customer-initiated, rather than sales-and-customer-success-driven. A great place to start? Email and digital marketing.

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Case Study

With a variety of needs within their renewals strategy, we implemented a crawl-walk-run approach for Sybase to create a more thoughtful transition. This included a “Don’t Let Your Power Run Out” campaign for software renewals and a new software licensing program—including fresh branding, microsite development, SEO, paid search campaigns, and a Marketo-driven software trial nurture program. From creative and UX experts to SEO and automation experts (to name just a few)—we brought together a multi-disciplinary team to provide support across the entire project’s ecosystem.

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Case Study

When Dell Consumer Renewals needed a more dynamic effort for reaching customers, we came up with a comprehensive contact strategy boasting a multichannel mix of email, direct mail, and online marketing—ensuring the delivery of the right content to the right customer with over 100 content combinations. We also formulated revenue forecast models and helped select, vet, and onboard both email and direct mail vendors. After overseeing program execution, including testing and global deployment, we redirected our focus to automation.

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Renewals Capabilities:

  • Renewals GTM Strategy
  • Insights for Customer Growth
  • Lead Generation Best Practices
  • Data & Analytics for Service Upsell
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Services Technology & Solutions
  • Notifications Program Design
  • Account Segmentation
  • Sales Enablement Collateral