Demand Generation: Full of Leads with Nowhere to Go

By Jenni Waggoner / Marketing, Strategy

“We want them, and we want them now!”  This is the approach most companies have towards gaining new leads. When people feel a slump in the market, or feel ready to grow, they gain a proverbial itch for immediate change. The problem isn’t just, “How can you find new leads?” but also, “What should you…

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Leading with Empathy: Tips for Unifying Teams and Nurturing Leads

By Jenni Waggoner / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Strategy, Technology

As my seven overstuffed bookshelves and Kindle’s nearly full storage can attest, I think there’s always more to unpack, digest, and discover. Having a learning mindset not only makes the world a more exciting place to be but is essential for professional growth and success. For a self-professed lifelong learner, attending the SiriusDecisions Summit was…

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Spring (or Summer) Cleaning Your Marketing Automation System

By Jenni Waggoner / Marketing, Technology

My Grammie always waited to start her spring cleaning until my summer break—which was a coincidence, I’m sure. Every summer cleaning was the same: empty, categorize, evaluate. Little did we both know, my Grammie’s annual ritual was equipping me with marketing automation system maintenance best practices. What can I say, the woman was ahead of…

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