SEO Result Time Frame: What it Takes to Have Stellar Search Results

Written by Josh May / Data + Analytics, Strategy, Technology

SEO and Google have had a long history together. Companies have been trying to rank in the number one position since Google released their algorithm in 1998. After years of trial and error, we now know the steps it takes to rank on the first page. No, Google has never released an explicit guide a…

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Partnering with Your Next Agency

Written by MODintelechy / Marketing, Strategy, Studio Culture

We all move fast and we’re all busy. In the marketing and advertising industry, we sometimes treat this as a good excuse to exhibit negative traits, especially in establishing the client-agency relationship. Agencies often spend time perfecting the pitch or polishing their trophies while clients select their agency at arm’s length with extensive and meticulous…

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Sketching to Improve Your Daily Workflow

Written by Autumn Hutchins / Design, Strategy

If you’ve ever doodled on sticky notes or in the margins of your notebook, I want you to make your seemingly mindless doodling, do work. Sketching regularly helps you generate better ideas, communicate them more effectively, work faster, and even change the way you think. I became a visual thinker when working on illustration projects,…

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#Mood: Mood Boards as Design Tools

Written by MODintelechy / Design, Strategy

As designers, it can be difficult to put a particular emotion or idea into words when we think a particular shade of green or font family would do it justice. So, we make a mood board—a simple graphic tool which allows me to experiment with design elements and make my vision, reality. Simply put, mood…

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We could go on, or take a work break.


Web Applications vs. Websites

Written by MODintelechy / Strategy, Technology

Wondering what differentiates a web application from a website, or stuck between which one is right for your business? Our knowledgeable Senior WordPress Developer shares her insights. As a web developer, I am asked a lot of questions from business owners who are thinking of adding a website to their marketing initiatives. One business owner…

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Your Writing Says More Than You Think

Written by MODintelechy / Marketing, Strategy

Emojis does not a message make… Copywriting is a hugely important {and often dismissed} area in which businesses employ almost daily use. Whether it’s content for a promotional piece or a simple blog post, the style and structure in which you articulate your message not only defines the way in which your reader will interpret…

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