WFH: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Written by Stefanie Rubenfield / Marketing, Studio Culture

While I’ll be honest and say that hanging out with my cats is easily one of my favorite reasons to work from home once a week, there are many (arguably more important) that make it the best decision for my productivity. Some companies believe that working outside the office creates too much opportunity for distraction…

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SXSW History and 2019 Recap

Written by Josh May / Marketing, Studio Culture

SXSW x Austin, TX SXSW 2019 is officially over. Austin’s 10-day festival brings hundreds of thousands of people together to share ideas on creativity, innovation, and education. That, and for some really great concerts. Though we don’t yet know this year’s numbers, SXSW 2018 featured 4,967 speakers, 2,057 music acts, and 139 films and created…

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5 Tips to Prepare Yourself to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Written by Maria Orozova / Marketing

There are business tips for success and on how best to market your business tip lists all over the internet. Be it five ‘powerful’, ‘low-cost’ or ‘fun’ ways to do so, regardless of this saturation of advice, many business owners struggle to make themselves heard. Often, it’s because they’re not mentally prepared for success and,…

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Why You Should Foster Client (and Customer) Relationships with Data and Authenticity

Written by Scott Thomas / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Strategy

When you consider the traditional ad agency model for a minute, it’s soon clear why there has been so much industry disruption from trendy “innovation agencies” or “idea factories.” The traditional client-agency relationship demanded that clients provide their agencies with high-level direction then take three steps back, with very little to no collaboration. More clients…

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We could go on, or take a work break.


5 Steps to a Successful Business Merger

Written by Maria Orozova / Marketing, Strategy, Studio Culture

I just completed a merger, and the good news is that it didn’t kill me. Though mergers are, on the whole, a considerable risk for both parties—especially when merging two small businesses—they can prove rewarding and profitable. If you’re considering a merger for your small business, the five steps I outline below will show you…

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Partnering with Your Next Agency

Written by MODintelechy / Marketing, Strategy, Studio Culture

We all move fast and we’re all busy. In the marketing and advertising industry, we sometimes treat this as a good excuse to exhibit negative traits, especially in establishing the client-agency relationship. Agencies often spend time perfecting the pitch or polishing their trophies while clients select their agency at arm’s length with extensive and meticulous…

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3 Reasons to Leverage Customer Data Platforms in 2019

Written by Adrian Olvera / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Technology

Unless you’re a marketer gifted in the art of eye-rolling, the last thing we all want is another category of marketing technology (martech). The average marketer is inundated with rhetoric on the next shiny new thing; it can be overwhelming to determine which platforms are useful and how they add value to your organization. Since…

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Revving up Your Marketing Automation Platform

Written by Scott Barrus / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Technology

So, your organization just bought that new, shiny marketing automation platform (MAP) and has tasked you to be its power user. What now? What if you don’t have experience in Marketing Automation? Where do you start? Fret not, there are blog posts about it for a reason. Follow these simple steps to make sure your…

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Written by Maria Orozova / Marketing

Last month, I had the honor of speaking to the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) during their February professional development luncheon, where I delivered the presentation, #LoveisBlind. Appropriately titled (V’s Day is in February, get it?), my presentation centered around creating fan love for your brand via social media. We had a laugh or…

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#MODtalks Social Media

Written by MODintelechy / Marketing

Ahh, social media. Nearly everyone uses it, but is it always on point? Our content and social media guru Lauren shares her insights on the importance of social media for brand awareness and her sources of inspiration. How does social media build a company’s brand? Today, we are more attached to our smart phones than ever…

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