Kutcher is the New Confucius

By MODintelechy / Agency Culture

In case you missed it, Ashton Kutcher dealt out some pretty solid life advice at the Teen Choice Awards. Why were we watching the Teen Choice Awards? Irrelevant. In his acceptance speech for Ultimate Choice Award (or in his words, “the old guy award”), Kutcher imparted some serious wisdom onto viewers, expanding on this notion:…

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Advice to a young design student

By MODintelechy / Uncategorized

This week our fearless leader, Maria, will be returning to her alma mater to offer some of the wisdom she’s gained since graduating.  In anticipation of this event, we felt it only fair to offer you all the first glimpse at what she’ll be discussing.  So today we’re putting her in the hot seat and…

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The Key to Happy Clients

By MODintelechy / Marketing

Relationships Alright, all you commitment-phobics out there calm down, we’re not about to have a DTR with you. What we are going to do is stress the importance of building relationships with clients and prospects alike. Let’s break it down… Why It’s Important to Foster Good Client Relationships 1.  Studies show that negative experiences are…

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