Wearables, Tablets, 4K TVs, Oh My! Top 3 CES Picks of 2015

By MODintelechy / Blog

The Consumer Electronic Show, better known as CES, is a convention that shows off new tech that will be available to consumers this year. While the last few years have been a bit lackluster, CES really brought out the fireworks this year. From self-driving cars to robots dressed as humans, this years CES showed off…

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Insta-Success: Instagram Announced for Andriod

By MODintelechy / Technology

As the smart phone war heats up, more and more popular iPhone apps are being developed for other devices. On Tuesday, Instagram announced that it has finally published its Android application. Over 1 million Android users have already downloaded the app, and are ready to start snapping vintage style photos with their smart device.  While…

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