Animal House

By MODintelechy / Uncategorized

As part of our conference room remodel, the MOD Studio decided to go a little wild with these awesome recycled cardboard trophies from Cardboard Safari. We think our new friends make quite a statement against our Kimono Violet wall from Sherwin Williams. Be sure to let us know if you need any of our interior…

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G'day from the Mimosa Spa House

By MODintelechy / Design, Marketing

The MOD Studio is in the process of designing collateral for the stunning Mimosa Bed and Breakfast in Australia! We are excited about developing the web ties, branding, brochures, & printed products (such as the note card above) for this luxury retreat. Located 50 minutes from Melbourne, The Spa House at Mimosa offers a tranquil,…

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The Perfect Annual Report

By MODintelechy / Marketing

As a custom design firm, one of the services we provide is the creation and printing of Annual Reports.  An annual report helps shareholders understand how their investment is doing, can provide important information about changes in the company’s industry, and can be used to preview upcoming programs and new product releases.  An annual report…

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MOD’s Inner Child

By MODintelechy / Design

While posting on our new favorite site, Pinterest, we came across these amazing plush dolls from Child’s Own Studio. Created to celebrate children’s art and imaginations, Child’s Own will take a drawing and craft it into existence as a special heirloom, one-of-a-kind toy. I cannot imagine a more wondrous gift for that little someone special.

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