The Human Problem (and Potential) of Digital Transformation

By Adrian Olvera / Uncategorized

In business today, some may be exhausted thinking about Transformation.  Transforming.   Always changing.  Why can’t we just stand still for a moment? Some see transformation as a buzzword that has enjoyed an unnatural long life.  For some, the name denotes a technology specific effort relevant to Information Technology only, but actually it is in service…

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The Hidden Power of Creative

By Adrian Olvera / Agency Culture, Design, Marketing

As a creative, I’m happy to say that, what was once an afterthought, is now considered critical for in-market success—design. Growth of online and mobile tools have enabled the consumer to seize control of the brand relationship, telling brands when, where, and how they want to engage. Because of this, more brands have realized the…

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WFH: Lessons Learned and Tips to Take Forward

By Adrian Olvera / Agency Culture, Strategy

We’re now about two months into the ‘Rapid Remote’ WFH movement, and while some of us may be living our best lives, others may be feeling one step away from becoming Michael Douglas in Falling Down. While I’m hoping we’re closer to the fourth quarter than half-time, I’m calling this our WFH Mid-Point Check-In just…

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Why Data Culture Matters: The Role of Agency Partnerships in Powering Your Data

By Adrian Olvera / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Technology

As 2020 approaches, the changing dynamics between agencies and brands has never been clearer. Brands are increasingly challenged to get more value from their agency—both from strategic consulting and actual branding execution—meaning the agencies positioned to succeed are multi-faceted able to deliver creative marketing services and data-driven solutions. The most effective partnerships are born from…

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3 Reasons to Leverage Customer Data Platforms

By Adrian Olvera / Data + Analytics, Technology

Unless you’re a marketer gifted in the art of eye-rolling, the last thing we all want is another category of marketing technology (martech). The average marketer is inundated with rhetoric on the next shiny new thing; it can be overwhelming to determine which platforms are useful and how they add value to your organization. Since…

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