Consumer Experience IS Your Brand: Tips for Improving Communication and Closing Leads

By Maria Orozova / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Technology

Our entire business is built on communication—beginning with prospective clients. How you answer the phone, respond to an email, or carry yourself in a meeting is all a reflection of your company. So, when I was planning my son’s birthday recently and reaching out to businesses for everything from party favors to balloons, I was…

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Why You Should Foster Client (and Customer) Relationships with Data and Authenticity

By Scott Thomas / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Strategy

When you consider the traditional ad agency model for a minute, it’s soon clear why there has been so much industry disruption from trendy “innovation agencies” or “idea factories.” The traditional client-agency relationship demanded that clients provide their agencies with high-level direction then take three steps back, with very little to no collaboration. More clients…

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SEO Result Time Frame: What it Takes to Have Stellar Search Results

By Josh May / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Technology

SEO and Google have had a long history together. Companies have been trying to rank in the number one position since Google released their algorithm in 1998. After years of trial and error, we now know the steps it takes to rank on the first page. No, Google has never released an explicit guide a…

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3 Reasons to Leverage Customer Data Platforms

By Adrian Olvera / Data + Analytics, Technology

Unless you’re a marketer gifted in the art of eye-rolling, the last thing we all want is another category of marketing technology (martech). The average marketer is inundated with rhetoric on the next shiny new thing; it can be overwhelming to determine which platforms are useful and how they add value to your organization. Since…

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Revving up Your Marketing Automation Platform

By Scott Barrus / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Technology

So, your organization just bought that new, shiny marketing automation platform (MAP) and has tasked you to be its power user. What now? What if you don’t have experience in Marketing Automation? Where do you start? Fret not, there are blog posts about it for a reason. Follow these simple steps to make sure your…

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Successful Hyperlocal Marketing Enabled With These 6 Strategies

By MODintelechy / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Technology

Hyperlocal marketing is not new, but like most buzz words, the topic circulates amongst marketers every year. Hyperlocal marketing should be centered not just on the quality of the content but also the quality of the team collaboration to execute it.  Marketing itself started as a very local experience dating back to the earliest word-of-mouth…

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A Slow Website Can Reduce Traffic by 53%

By Brian Purkiss / Data + Analytics, Technology

Everyone who has browsed the internet has left a website because it loads slowly.  Even if continuing to dig through search results takes more cumulative time than simply waiting for the original site to load, users will still back out and find an alternative website rather than wait. A slow website will drastically cut its…

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Web Applications vs. Websites

By MODintelechy / Data + Analytics, Technology

Wondering what differentiates a web application from a website, or stuck between which one is right for your business? Our knowledgeable Senior WordPress Developer shares her insights. As a web developer, I am asked a lot of questions from business owners who are thinking of adding a website to their marketing initiatives. One business owner…

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UX at a Glance

By MODintelechy / Data + Analytics, Design

What exactly is user experience design? Our savvy UX/UI expert Lynn Vuong steps in to explain the basics. A commonly misunderstood practice, even within the design world, user experience design (or UX) is defined as the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving a site’s accessibility while leading the user through a journey of discovery. Don…

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