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If you’re tired of searching the interwebs yourself, or never know what everyone is talking about, then here you have it, 5 Things you must see/watch/read from the last week.
1. Urban Outfitters recently profiled Lisa Frank. If you had a childhood, you should remember the crazy neon colors, cartoon illustrations, glitter, stickers, basically every little girls’ favorite things.

2. Nightmares Fear Factory’s Flickr Stream. This place is officially billed “Niagara Falls’ scariest & best haunted house attraction,” and if it’s any indication, these people are terrified. Much like the classic rollercoaster snapshot at prime moments throughout the loop, the Fear Factory grabs photos of visitors at prime scare moments and posts them. The results are epic and hilarious.
3. Pringles introduces Holiday Flavors… EW.
4. Felix Baumgartner free falls from the edge of space, and it’s covered live on YouTube!

5. Gangnam Style joins the ranks of YouTube’s ALL TIME Top 10 (a category with coveted spots currently held by the likes of “Charlie bit my Finger” and “Baby” by Justin Beiber)

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