Welcome to the team, Kaley!

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So excited to have a fabulous design intern on board this summer, Kaley!
In her first week alone, her designs were chosen by a client! She rocks!
To keep with tradition, we’ve had Kaley answer a few questions to share with you:
MOD: What is your favorite area of design?
K: Corporate Identity
MOD: What’s your favorite color?
K: Turquoise
MOD: Favorite family vacation?
K: Our family trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas after my high school graduation. Swimming with dolphins and enjoying a week at the resort definitely made it a memorable trip!
MOD: What inspires you?
K: My Grandma. She sees beauty in everything, and she has encouraged me to think creatively since I was little.
MOD: Okay, last question, tread carefully this is dangerous ground…Chocolate or Vanilla?
K: Chocolate for sure!

Written by / Agency Culture


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