Be a Warrior Not a Worrier

By Kitty Reim / Agency Culture

We may liken ourselves to the Amazons of Themyscira but we don’t have indestructible bracelets or superhero stamina. We need efficiency breaks. Here are our Top 10 picks for combatting stress throughout the day—and yes, chocolate made the list. Jump Around Find your inner child and put your hands in the air. Then wave ‘em…

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#MODTalks: Mindfulness

By Kitty Reim / Blog

What exactly is mindfulness? Besides being a buzz word in the ever growing world of wellness, mindfulness, or the act of being present, is beneficial for all, and current research continues to prove its positive advantages. Our Chief Agency Coordinator {and mindfulness master}, Kitty, gave us the lowdown on how marketing and mindfulness go hand-in-hand….

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