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What exactly is mindfulness? Besides being a buzz word in the ever growing world of wellness, mindfulness, or the act of being present, is beneficial for all, and current research continues to prove its positive advantages. Our Chief Agency Coordinator {and mindfulness master}, Kitty, gave us the lowdown on how marketing and mindfulness go hand-in-hand.

Why do you think mindfulness is so important at a creative agency?

Working in digital marketing means we are always connected somehow, whether it be to the latest technologies or simply to our desktop and phone screens. I’ve found that this type of sensory stimuli blocks us from being fully present with ourselves and with our surroundings. This is where mindfulness comes into play. As a team of creative problem solvers, we rely on our brains to be selective-processing powerhouses. In order to access that free-flow of thought, we need to inwardly quiet our minds. Additionally, when we act with self-awareness and intent, it benefits our interactions with one another and fosters positive relationships with our clients. By responding rather than reacting, we’re able to remain calm and to control what materializes in our minds throughout our sometimes unpredictable and chaotic days.

Do you have a routine to stay mindful throughout the day?

Throughout the day, I try and notice my breath. We are taught to breathe through our chest, but this isn’t necessarily the only way. Diaphragmatic breathing maximizes the amount of oxygen going into our bloodstream. It lowers heart rate and turns off the fight-or-flight response, among an impressive list of other health benefits. I personally find it allows me to clearly focus on any task at hand, without getting overwhelmed. At lunch, I make it a point to eat away from desk, alternatively going outside for 15 minutes and taking a mini nature walk. This may sound overly simple, but it grants me the ability to mentally reset and take on the remainder of the day.

Positioned in a centralized space in our office, I am physically in the middle of our fast-paced agency. I speak to everyone here daily, and I’m lucky that I genuinely love everyone here. Each person has something individually unique to bring to the table, whether they can design a full website or possess an awesome sense of humor. Being mindful of their attributes and quirks and giving gratitude for my coworkers reminds me of all that I am thankful for, which in turn helps me place positive energy back into our environment. When working collaboratively, it’s all about those good vibes!

There are plenty of ways to insert a mini-mindfulness practice throughout your day that doesn’t require much time or effort, it really just depends on your lifestyle and preferences. The things I’ve listed above are a few ways to insert mindfulness into your routine during the workweek that I personally enjoy, but are easy to modify.

How does utilizing mindfulness lead to success?

Mindfulness is a superpower! Think of it as bicep curls for your brain. It really is the next public health revolution. As humans, being adaptive is our most important ability, and mindfulness can help us achieve this. There’s this great quote by Maya Angelou, “Success is liking  yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Liking yourself requires self-compassion, liking what you do requires inward thought about what you want to do, and liking how you do it requires action, which mindfulness can help with.

Any favorite apps?

I’m a little obsessed with astrology, so I’ve got an entire folder dedicated to horoscope and astrology apps. I’m currently having a lot of fun with boomerang and video, and I love travel apps, I’m always checking for cheap flights and adventure deals. In terms of mediation apps, my top three are 10% Happier, Insight Timer and Headspace.

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