Why You Should Foster Client (and Customer) Relationships with Data and Authenticity

By Scott Thomas / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Strategy

When you consider the traditional ad agency model for a minute, it’s soon clear why there has been so much industry disruption from trendy “innovation agencies” or “idea factories.” The traditional client-agency relationship demanded that clients provide their agencies with high-level direction then take three steps back, with very little to no collaboration. More clients…

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5 Steps to a Successful Business Merger

By Maria Orozova / Agency Culture, Strategy

I just completed a merger, and the good news is that it didn’t kill me. Though mergers are, on the whole, a considerable risk for both parties—especially when merging two small businesses—they can prove rewarding and profitable. If you’re considering a merger for your small business, the five steps I outline below will show you…

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MODintelechy: Making a Marked Impact

By Maria Orozova / Marketing, Strategy

Throughout the past decade, The MOD Studio and Intelechy Group have partnered to leverage their respective strengths and deliver creative work driven by data-informed strategy. After such a successful business partnership, our founders, Maria Orozova and Scott Thomas, made the decision to officially integrate service offerings and blend marketing savvy, design expertise, and technical prowess…

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Your Writing Says More Than You Think

By MODintelechy / Marketing, Strategy

Emojis does not a message make… Copywriting is a hugely important {and often dismissed} area in which businesses employ almost daily use. Whether it’s content for a promotional piece or a simple blog post, the style and structure in which you articulate your message not only defines the way in which your reader will interpret…

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