Leading with Empathy: Tips for Unifying Teams and Nurturing Leads

By Jenni Waggoner / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Strategy, Technology

As my seven overstuffed bookshelves and Kindle’s nearly full storage can attest, I think there’s always more to unpack, digest, and discover. Having a learning mindset not only makes the world a more exciting place to be but is essential for professional growth and success. For a self-professed lifelong learner, attending the SiriusDecisions Summit was…

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WFH: Lessons Learned and Tips to Take Forward

By Adrian Olvera / Agency Culture, Strategy

We’re now about two months into the ‘Rapid Remote’ WFH movement, and while some of us may be living our best lives, others may be feeling one step away from becoming Michael Douglas in Falling Down. While I’m hoping we’re closer to the fourth quarter than half-time, I’m calling this our WFH Mid-Point Check-In just…

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MODcast Episode 1 – Brian Peters on What to Outsource and Working Remote Whatever the Circumstance

By Scott Thomas / Podcast, Strategy

Welcome to MODcast, from data-driven marketing agency MODintelechy. On this podcast, we sit down with thought-leaders and innovators across industries to learn how they got to where they are and what marketing strategies helped them along the way. Brian Peters, CEO of Bucket List Events, talks protecting the spirit of momentous occasions and the marketing decisions…

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Leaning Into Digital: How to Prepare Your Business for Post-COVID-19 & Your Comeback

By Maria Orozova / Agency Culture, Marketing, Strategy

As social distancing quickly becomes the new normal, many businesses have had to figure out how to transition fully into the digital space in a matter of days (if not hours). Consumers are now working from home, with their free time translating into even more screen time. Having a digital presence is no longer a…

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3 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency and Where to Start

By Josh May / Agency Culture, Data + Analytics, Design, Marketing, Strategy

3 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency   The flexibility of hiring for marketing expertise makes me think of LEGO creations. You can follow the instructions or mix and match sets and make something unique, just as you can hire internally, outsource to freelancers, or establish an agency relationship to build your business. Whichever strategy…

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WordPress Security Checklist: How to Keep from Being Hacked

By Brian Purkiss / Strategy, Technology

A website can be devastating to any online business, with far-reaching negative impacts. Beyond the costs of cleaning and recovering its data, a compromised website can cause you to lose both valuable customer data and customer loyalty. Lost business during website repairs alone adds up, averaging more than $15 million a year. It’s critical to take…

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We could go on, or take a work break.


Why You Should Foster Client (and Customer) Relationships with Data and Authenticity

By Scott Thomas / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Strategy

When you consider the traditional ad agency model for a minute, it’s soon clear why there has been so much industry disruption from trendy “innovation agencies” or “idea factories.” The traditional client-agency relationship demanded that clients provide their agencies with high-level direction then take three steps back, with very little to no collaboration. More clients…

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5 Steps to a Successful Business Merger

By Maria Orozova / Agency Culture, Strategy

I just completed a merger, and the good news is that it didn’t kill me. Though mergers are, on the whole, a considerable risk for both parties—especially when merging two small businesses—they can prove rewarding and profitable. If you’re considering a merger for your small business, the five steps I outline below will show you…

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MODintelechy: Making a Marked Impact

By Maria Orozova / Marketing, Strategy

Throughout the past decade, The MOD Studio and Intelechy Group have partnered to leverage their respective strengths and deliver creative work driven by data-informed strategy. After such a successful business partnership, our founders, Maria Orozova and Scott Thomas, made the decision to officially integrate service offerings and blend marketing savvy, design expertise, and technical prowess…

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Your Writing Says More Than You Think

By MODintelechy / Marketing, Strategy

Emojis does not a message make… Copywriting is a hugely important {and often dismissed} area in which businesses employ almost daily use. Whether it’s content for a promotional piece or a simple blog post, the style and structure in which you articulate your message not only defines the way in which your reader will interpret…

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