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Emojis does not a message make…
Copywriting is a hugely important {and often dismissed} area in which businesses employ almost daily use. Whether it’s content for a promotional piece or a simple blog post, the style and structure in which you articulate your message not only defines the way in which your reader will interpret the message, but also how your organization will be perceived. Now, it goes without saying that grammatical errors and spelling mistakes reflect poorly on the offender, but what about the dos and don’ts of specific writing styles? Various projects demand varied approaches to copy generation in order to convey a particular tone.  The following are three examples where a tailored approach and strong copywriting skills are needed for accurate delivery.
This style is probably one of the trickiest to master as it takes a very firm understanding of the content. Good technical writing can take otherwise dry material and present it in a manner that is more digestible for those who may not have the same understanding, while still being relevant to those that do.
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There is a lot of pressure when it comes to generating promotional or ad messaging. If this weren’t the case, we wouldn’t have Mad Men and thus, no Don Draper. Promotional pieces require clever phrasing as well as a clear call to action. You have to be able to reel them in but also show them where to go from there.
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Writing for social sites is one of the most lenient areas in terms of how conversational you can be. While this varies between individual businesses, social networks and blogs are a great way to express your brand’s personality. This is often achieved through a more relaxed, less formal tone.
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