MODintelechy: Making a Marked Impact

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Throughout the past decade, The MOD Studio and Intelechy Group have partnered to leverage their respective strengths and deliver creative work driven by data-informed strategy.

After such a successful business partnership, our founders, Maria Orozova and Scott Thomas, made the decision to officially integrate service offerings and blend marketing savvy, design expertise, and technical prowess into one strong, independent agency – MODintelechy.

Say it with us, mod-in-tel-uh-kee. One more time. There you go, you’ve got it.

As you may have guessed, our new name is another blend of our former partnered agencies with a nod to our past. Our more than three decades combined experience working with industries from financial services to technology to luxury real estate has shaped our expertise in strengthening profitable relationships between brands and customers – not exactly something we can or want to ignore.

So, we combined the best of each name to represent the agency which combines the best of our ability.

Maria Orozova and Scott Thomas

MODintelechy provides a range of services including brand development, custom applications, lead generation, web design and development, social media management, and more.

MOD describes our modernized approach and use of modern tools and strategies and intelechy speaks to our ability to turn potential into reality (Aristotle spelled it with an e, but you get the idea). As MODintelechy, we empower growth and make a marked* impact. Let us show you how we do it.

Written by / Marketing, Strategy


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