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Due to our economy lately, I think it is more important than ever to buy American Made products. I have made a recent pledge to (as much as possible) buy American made. Plus, it’s not just American made but it’s well made.
Maybe it is just a designer thing, or possibly my overwhelming love for antiques, but I really feel like every item (even down to an extension cord) should be quality made, good looking, and taken care of. I want everything I own to mean something. I want a memory, an opinion, a bold statement, to be behind everything I purchase. I know this may sound extreme and totally far-fetched (I mean, not everything you own will be this fantastic), but it is something to aspire to.
My point is, that we should take pride in things we purchase as well as how and WHERE they are made. I promise you that buying something handcrafted, quality made, and from your own neighbor, will not only give you a greater sense of pride but I guarantee that any USA product is going to last a heck of a lot longer than the ‘Made in (Enter Country here)” junk. Therefore, I have collected a couple of my favorites in case you wanted to get started…

1. Best Made Shears
2. Wood & Faulk Bag
3. Canoe Leather Bracelet
4. Forage Bow Tie
5. Pendleton Saddle Throw
6. Best Made Cloth Extension Code
7. Wrangler Vintage Shirt
8. Pendleton Vintage Shirt

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