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Any good designer lives by one motto, that craft is king. And nothing shows more exquisite craft than making things by hand and truly having a passion for what you do.
Made By Hand is a series of short films that were born out of the belief that everything we collect, consume and share are truly a part of who we are as unique individuals. From the spaces we dwell in, to the foods we choose to eat. And knowing where these things come from and how they are made should be an integral part of being a more knowledgable and conscientious consumer.
These films really struck a chord with me as I find myself trying to make more conscience and sustainable choices, as well as pursue endeavors that I always thought were too grandiose to accomplish.
This third installment of the film series is about a Brooklyn based urban farmer and beekeeper. I love when she discovers she has found more than just making a living: “This is the first time in my life when I’ve just felt absolutely on the right path.”

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