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As designers & tech-geeks, we MODsters love when functionality & technology merge with great design.  That’s why we are getting goosebumps over Nest: The Learning Thermostat.
Nest is an innovative new product which “learns” from it’s surroundings.  Using activity & motion sensors, as well as wi-fi to monitor outside weather conditions, Nest programs itself over a week’s time to lean how you control your interior climate so you never have to fiddle with the thermostat again! Not only does it build a personalized schedule for you, but it also comes with energy saving programs to optimize temperature control and help save money on your energy bills.
As long as Nest has wi-fi access, you can also control your thermostat via your computer, iPad or smart phone App! It also self-updates via the internet.  Nest is the perfect combination of brains and beauty – in a thermostat.

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