3 Surefire Ways to Engage Clients!

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Once you’ve developed your branding, printed business cards, finally launched your meticulously revised website. Once you’ve created a Facebook page, setup your Twitter, Google Place Page, Yelp Page and all the other necessary avenues. After all these things have been checked off the list, what happens next?
This is a question faced by most business owners.
Upon reaching the other side of this mammoth launch, you may be surprised to find customers aren’t streaming in. Have you done something wrong?
The answer is no and sort of.
You’ve done nothing but establish the cornerstones of your company thus far, and these are vital steps.  These are not to be overlooked, underrated or skipped. But the reason you’re not doing everything “right” is because you’re assuming that’s where it stops.  Although those foundations were tough to build, the bigger challenge is yet ahead.
How will you uniquely engage your potential customers? What sets your company apart? In what ways will you:
A} Place your business at top of mind and
B} Ensure that every applicable service you offer has been introduced to them?
These questions are not to be answered by startups alone. If you have a long established company, are you continuing to engage your current clients, are they aware of your entire suite of services? Are they enmeshed in every one of your capabilities that will benefit their business?
Let’s look at a few ways to engage current and locate potential customers.

  1. Blogging. We know you’re sick of hearing it, but don’t skip out on us yet. Yes, everyone continues {and will continue} to throw this word around. Why? Because it’s a great tool. You are the only one who knows your business like you do. Sharing this wealth of knowledge does NOT prevent customers from coming to you, it simply alerts them to your level of expertise and prompts them to see the need for your services.
  2. Email Newsletters. Email, in opposition to the belief of many, is not yet dead.  It’s still the number one place to speak to your customers on their own turf. If you’re not using your website, blog or social avenues to capture the information of those interested in what you have to say, you’re missing a great opportunity.
  3. Buzz Word Platforms.  You should continue to explore these. If everyone in your industry is rallying around a new potential marketplace like Pinterest or Instagram, take some time to research it.  Don’t simply jump on board because it’s popular. But if you find it does reach a portion of your clientele, give it a whirl.

What’s the recurring theme here? Content, Content, Content. But not JUST content; content that is specific, intentional, that’s focused on what you DO. We’ll keep beating that dead horse and so will everyone else. Because content, above all other tactics, is the only thing that draws a person in. This doesn’t always mean something written. This means solid information, resources, examples of your work, anything you have developed or created.  Without this, it won’t matter how much effort you throw in, people just aren’t coming to find you. And they’re definitely not passing you on to their networks.
Lastly, once you have this stellar content in place, don’t forget to monitor the traffic. This is where that SEO copywriting and Analytics setup included in your foundation building will begin to play its role.  By tracking visits, most clicked content, keywords used to reach your site, most shared content, etc. you can begin to get a picture of the audience that’s finding you and tweak accordingly to ensure it’s the audience you desire.
Now, how do you start building this content library? How do you share with and create interest among potential and current clients? We’re so glad you asked 😉 We’d be happy to discuss your company and what we can do to help. Go ahead, drop us a line: [email protected] we can’t wait to hear from you!

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