3 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

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1. Clean, Elegant Design
Think of an email much like a billboard; you have but a few seconds to draw me in and get your point across. Don’t obscure your message by packing in as much content as possible. An email is simply a chance to offer an excerpt that will encourage readers to visit the source for more info on: A- something that interests them, B- an upcoming event or promotion, or C- a particular service or product that will benefit them
2. Clear Call to Action
If I’m skimming over your email, will I know what I’m supposed to do next? Have you given me a clear path? Make sure you’ve determined the action steps you’d like readers to take. if you’re telling them about an upcoming webinar or event, make sure there are clear instructions to RSVP or sign up for updates. If you’re offering them advice or tips, direct them to your website for more information or to a dedicated landing page where you can capture their information. The most vital part of making it into your customer’s inbox is to encourage a voluntary redirection to your other channels so that you can continue to engage them.
3. Strategic Timing
After you’ve spent time crafting the perfect message, choosing appropriate photos or graphics and meticulously grooming your contact lists, don’t botch the actual sending. Do a little research on your audience, take a look at your analytics to see when you’ve received the most response previously. And take a bit of advice from those who HAVE done the research; when sending marketing messages, you can typically guarantee the most response when you follow the “midweek, midday” rule.
When have you seen the most success with your email campaigns? What have you found works best for your clientele {and what metrics have helped you gain insight into your campaigns?} We want to hear from you! Drop us a line in the comments or respond on Twitter @theMODstudio

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