The Importance of Mentorship: Lessons Learned

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As the “Most Interesting Man In The World” so eloquently describes career choice, “Find that one thing you do not do well, and then don’t do it.”
This is one of the more valuable lessons the clever ad campaign teaches us. I can’t tell you how important it is to recognize areas that aren’t your strengths and ask for help. This is just one of the many things I’ve learned from my mentors in business and in life.
The “Most Interesting Man” campaign for Dos Equis has been wildly popular with audiences and has shown us something crucial about success: We need people to admire, to ignite our creative passion, people to emulate.
Whether it’s a character, a teacher, a peer, a boss, we can probably all name at least one person who was integral to our current success.
So what IS a mentor exactly? Standard definition will tell you it’s a “wise and trusted counselor or teacher,” but I prefer a little more break down–the Greek “mentos” is synonymous with “intent, purpose, spirit, passion.”
Mentors not only teach but also inspire. Especially as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned many important lessons from those more experienced than I.
Here are just a handful of those lessons:
1. Become skilled at understanding what motivates others
In a leadership position in particular, it’s important to know how other people work. What do they require to do their best? Is it money? Is it recognition and encouragement? Knowing this will allow you to motivate your team to produce superior results
2. Family, Friends & Money do NOT mix.
But we’re SUCH great friends! But it’s my family, so I feel obligated. No matter the reason, when it comes to family and friends, steer clear of any endeavor where they become your client or vice versa. It is a rare exception when it ends well.
3. The Power of No: When to Say it & When NOT to accept it
When you should say it? When you’re being taken advantage of. Yes, you should cater to your clients, but when they cross a line, you need to stand firm. When not to accept it? When you believe in your business, idea, creation, whatever. Show some moxie and you’ll persuade people.
4. Give your best, no matter what the task
Whether you’re facing the challenge of developing a business plan or simply organizing your files, the same amount of effort should be exerted. If you’re not going to give 100 percent, don’t bother.
5. Positivity, Always.
More than just “rolling with the punches,” being positive is a mindset for approaching life. People will flock to you for your encouraging attitude and enjoy doing business with you.

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