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Facebook has become an essential tool for the social media marketing plan of any business.  The developers also seems to add and change marketing tools within the website almost on a weekly basis, creating the need for companies to come up with new strategies on how to best utilize Facebook.  Now, with the introduction of Timeline to business pages, a company must once again restructure it’s Facebook marketing plan.
Social Media Coach Andrea Vahl recently wrote a great article called “The 4 Simple Steps to a Facebook Timeline That Tells Your Marketing Story“.  In it, she suggests that there are four key parts to the Timeline that are necessary for a successful business page.

  1. Understand and use the Subscribe button – take control over your audience and what posts you want to deliver.
  2. Adding a great Cover photo – be creative. Show off. This is the first impression you will give your viewers.
  3. Link your personal page to your business page using the “About” feature – remember marketing is about exposure, so directing anyone who views your own profile to your business profile is a good thing.
  4.  Make important posts longer and more prominent by clicking on the star icon in the upper right corner of the post that says Feature.

Timeline has created the need for business to update their marketing stories  Whether your social media goal is to inspire, generate leads, show off creativity or just have fun, Vahl’s article is a must read for any social media manager.

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