Your Writing Says More Than You Think

By MODintelechy / Marketing, Strategy

Emojis does not a message make… Copywriting is a hugely important {and often dismissed} area in which businesses employ almost daily use. Whether it’s content for a promotional piece or a simple blog post, the style and structure in which you articulate your message not only defines the way in which your reader will interpret…

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What’s Your Type?

By Bianca Krause / Design

Asking me to pick my favorite font would be like asking a parent which kid they love more. There are certainly fonts I prefer more than others but I would never be able to choose just one to save from a burning building. In more or less words: I LOVE fonts. Typography is what got…

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Get your hands on some MOD

By MODintelechy / Design

When we first developed our [award-winning] new business cards, we wanted to craft taglines for each of our team members that took a playful stab at what we [seriously] do. And in the process, our ‘characters’ took on a life of their own. These created personalities gave us the perfect opportunity to have some fun…

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